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Weight and Fitness: Pain and Inflammation Due to Occasional Overuse.†

It's easy to push things a bit - especially chores around the house, a long bike ride with friends, or just doing a little landscaping around the yard.

For those occasions, you need supplements that work with your body's own anti-inflammatory response.†

The products listed here can help do just that - help you stay on track and support your body in cases of pain and inflammation due to occasional overuse.†

For everyday products to keep the weekend warrior in you running strong, also see our recommendations in Men's Fitness and Women's Fitness.†

= recommended for daily use
= take as extra support or when needed


FlexAgility™† MAX dietary supplement  Supports your body's natural anti-inflammatory response to improve flexibility and reduce pain from occasional overuse.† 
Fatigued to Fantastic!® End Pain™† supplement  Herbal relief of muscle pain is useful for the relief of occasional muscle pain due to overuse.† Immediate benefits that improve with continued use.†
Curazyme™ dietary supplement  Contain ingredients shown to block compounds involved in the body's inflammatory response.† 
Bromelain Plus™ pain formula†  The enzyme bromelain plus vitamins to support the body's anti-inflammatory response and aid in a quick physical recovery from body discomforts.†

Published November 17, 2011
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