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3 ways to ease back into your exercise routine

Whether it was the weather, or your schedule just didn’t allow you to get out much, getting back into an exercise regimen can be the biggest challenge. Here are 3 ways to make it easier.
  1. Hit the ground....walking. Exercise doesn't have to equal pouring sweat. If you're simply looking to feeling fit again start by simply doing it. Go for a walk or a casual bike ride. Substitute 1 TV show you usually watch at night for 30 minutes of walking. Getting back into it doesn't mean you need to start off at a high pace. Which leads us into our #2 tip.... 
  2. Don't think about last year. One of the biggest things that hold people back from getting out there and starting to exercise again is because they concentrate too much on what they used to be able to do. And you know what? Forget about it!  Don't dwell on what used to be - nobody starts off where they want to wind up. If just walking or running four blocks seems too lightweight, who cares? Soon enough, you’ll be piling up the miles. But for now, think in terms of steps. In fact, consider getting a good pedometer to track your progress. Celebrate every success you have, even if it's not doing mile after mile, maybe it's celebrating the fact of consistency in your workout - that you're out there doing good for your body. After all, consistency is key to getting back in the habit, which means you may need to focus on our #3 tip....
  3. Stay accountable. Spring and summer, though the best times to get outside and exercise, also happen to be the busiest times of year in our personal lives. It's challenging to always find the time & energy but one of the best things you can do is to stay accountable for your routine - make no more excuses! To help, make a calendar and post it on the fridge marking the days you exercise and your goals. Having it in front of you (and others in your home) makes you accountable for your routine. Also, pick a buddy. Have a set workout day and time with them to hold you to a schedule.
These 3 tips together can help you kick-off your workout this year so get out there, get moving and get excited about your new routine!
Published April 04, 2011
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