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4 Ways to Curb Your Craving for Sweets

Sweets tend to sneak into our workplaces & homes and provide a tempting – if not especially helpful – snack. Hey, you’re not trying to harsh anyone’s natural desire to enjoy nature’s bounty (although, do chocolate bars count?), you’re just trying to present an alternative. With that in mind, here are 4 ways to pass by the treats:

  1. Stay full (or at least not hungry).
    One of the tricks to avoid these treats is to not let yourself get hungry. Summertime is always a bit easier with all of the fruits and veggies available to us, but start that again, find what is available and eat small, healthy snacks frequently to not let hunger get to you. The sugar-laden candy and baked goods won’t sound as good on a full stomach.

  2. Bring in your own healthy alternatives
    Bring your own contribution – people may actually thank you at work for bringing in a healthy alternative: get creative and think about different cuts for veggies, homemade almond butters, whole grain bread samples, and fruits that might be a break from the usual.

  3. Kick out the sweets that invade your home.
    If sugary snacks have infiltrated your home – for whatever reason – kick them to the curb. These treats aren’t going to help. In fact, they may be too tempting to resist under times of stress or over the weekend.

  4. It’s okay to say “no” at work, too.
    It’s really okay to so “no” to the candy and rich snacks that people bring to work with the best of intentions. You have a goal – staying healthy and avoiding those foods that don’t fit in with your plan. Stick with it. You’ll feel better in body and mind.

Getting through the cravings can be done – it just takes creativity.

Explore healthy options that you know are good for you and the people in your life. By discovering more creative ways to serve up (and enjoy) snacks that actually do good, you’ll have more energy and feel great about your dietary choices. And who knows? Your example may get others eating a bit better, too.

Published December 29, 2010
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