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What is DHEA?

DHEA supports many functions in the body.
It begins in the adrenal gland. Almost like two glands in one, with an outer layer and an inner layer, it produces and secretes different hormones for different purposes. One of these hormones is DHEA (dehyroepiandrosterone).
DHEA, in turn, supports proper immune response and enhances energy levels, thyroid function, mental well-being and memory.
DHEA & Aging
Normal levels of DHEA naturally decline with aging and adrenal stress. In fact, DHEA levels generally peak while someone is in their thirties, but by the time both men and women reach 70, DHEA production has decreased by 80 percent. DHEA supplements help maintain normal levels of this hormone. They can enhance energy, mental well-being and optimize the immune system.
Of course, DHEA isn’t for everyone. Individuals under the age of 18, are pregnant or nursing should not use DHEA. As always, consult your physician or licensed, qualified healthcare practitioner before adding this – or any supplement to your regimen.
One route:  Naturalean with 7-KETO®.
Both DHEA and 7-keto DHEA are associated with a variety of essential human functions, most notably immune system support and memory enhancement.
A major difference between the two is that in the body, DHEA can convert into various metabolites, including 7-Keto DHEA and steroid hormones, such as testosterone or estrogens, estrone and estradiol. 7-Keto DHEA, on the other hand, does not convert to active testosterone and/or estrogen in the body. Nor does it convert back to DHEA. In fact, this improved form of DHEA has no known adverse effects.
A natural weight loss accelerator.
With a sensible diet and regular exercise, the 7-Keto in Naturalean with 7-Keto® accelerates the loss of body fat while maintaining muscle tissue integrity by activating thermogenic - fat burning - enzymes.
Beyond supporting energy levels the ingredients in this formula also support the thyroid gland and help reduce hunger cravings. So why care about thyroid health? Because your thyroid gland helps regulate the way your body carries out many functions, including metabolism. Plus, it is crucial to consider your thyroid health when you begin any weight loss and exercise regimen.
It is not a stimulant.
Clinically studied 7-Keto is an improved, safe metabolite of DHEA. Having energy is one thing – feeling “revved up” is another. Naturalean with 7-Keto® will not raise heart rate, blood pressure, or keep you awake at night.
It is a natural nutritional supplement designed to increase your metabolism, and clinically shown to burn fat and promote weight loss when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.
7-Keto® is a registered trademark of Humanetics Corporation.
Published August 31, 2011
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