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It’s Time to Feed Your Thyroid

Are you feeding your thyroid with the ingredients it needs?

It’s normal for thyroid functions – including the rate it helps you burn calories – to slow down a bit. But it doesn’t have to feel inevitable. You can help restore and fuel your thyroid naturally with Metabolic Advantage™† thyroid formula.  

Feed your thyroid with these ingredients – conveniently found in Metabolic Advantage. They can help “kick start” your thyroid—the body’s gas pedal – to help reduce hunger cravings and get your hormones back into balance.

Here’s a closer look…
  • Iodine: Iodine combines with an amino acid called L-tyrosine, (also included in Metabolic Advantage) to help the thyroid gland create key metabolic rate “regulators”  that help your body burn calories.
  • Glandular ingredients: Since ancient times, glandular ingredients from animal tissue and organs have been believed to support health and vitality based on the premise that “like heals like”. We’ve updated that time-tested sensibility by including thyroid tissue in Metabolic Advantage that “feeds” the thyroid with components that help it thrive. Additionally, the multi-glandular complex in the formula provides overall nutritional support for healthy metabolism and immune system responses, too.
  • Vitamin B12: If you don’t eat much meat (or none at all), supplementing is a good idea. Vitamin B12 helps support the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats—important to anyone who wants to support healthy weight as part of their diet and exercise program.
Keep a well-fed thyroid and metabolism
A sensible diet of whole, energizing and minimally processed foods, along with enjoyable, regular exercise is the best way to keep your metabolism feeling young. But if you feel like you could use an additional boost, consider Metabolic Advantage.
Published September 16, 2010
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