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The 5 Day Plan to a Healthier You

It seems like there's always something we’d like to improve about our lives. However, sometimes those resolutions seem to take a long time to bear fruit—don't let it get you down! You can get there, and this 5 day plan can help you through it, and if you really want to ramp it up - use this plan together with the Quick Renewal 5-Day Cleanse.

Day 1: Assess Where You're At
We have a tendency to jump right in when we're thinking about taking on a new fitness or diet plan, which if you're motivated that way - go for it! But, it's also important to take note of your capabilities. Our suggestion - don't change anything on Day 1. Take note of everything you eat, how much sleep you get, what things trigger your stress level throughout the day, how much time you spend exercising, where you're at fitness wise - test yourself and use these as your basis for tracking results.

Day 2: Write Out Your Goals & Plan, Plan, Plan
We tend to think of goals in numbers on the scale and it makes sense - it's easy to track. But be sure you write down a few goals that aren't specific to the scale. Some ideas are: drinking more water, adding a 1/2 mile to your current run or walk, minimize TV watching by 30 minutes a day, etc. Sometimes we get too hung up on the scale, especially if your goal is weight loss. In those situations it's easy to give up if one week doesn't go as planned so having non-number specific goals will help you with your bigger goal - living a healthier life.

Day 3: Remove One Vice
By the end of day two you've probably identified a few areas that need improving and a few areas you're doing really well in. The goal for day 3 is to pick the one vice you're going to eliminate and do any preparations to help you accomplish it. If you're a non-breakfast eater, make it your goal to start. Write out exactly what you're going to eat for the next week and take a trip to the grocery store to get what you need so it's on hand. Love sweet snacks a bit too much? Spend today clearing them out of your cupboards (I'm sure there's someone else who would take them off your hands!) and fill your shelves with items to help you avoid the sugar cravings.

Day 4: Add One Positive
You probably guessed this one was next, but after you've vowed to remove one vice, add in a positive. In some cases it may be that your vice needs replacing (such as the replacing foods in your diet if your vice is nutrition specific). If your vice was watching too much TV - replace that with a 30 minute walk instead of 1 TV episode. If your vice is not taking time for yourself, add in that time to do something for YOU, sign up for a class you've been wanting to take and dedicate yourself to it.

Day 5: Jump In!
You've taken an assessment, planned your goals and implemented tools to track them, removed a vice and added a positive. Now, go for it! In a couple weeks, remove another vice and add another positive, or revisit this 5 day plan entirely. Redo your fitness assessment and see how far you've come. You may discover down the road that your goals need adjusting and that's ok - just plan for them so they are easy to accomplish.
Published December 12, 2011
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