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3 Simple Steps Every Woman Should Consider

When it comes to good health, lifestyle choices matter.

They really are the first line of defense – whether your intent is overall well-being or a more targeted approach like supporting healthy breast tissue.

There’s no big secret about what having a healthy life entails. Experts recommend a few things – simple enough on the surface, but sometimes tough to put into practice.
  1. Maintain a healthy weight: Try – as often as possible – to make your food work for you rather than against you. Shop the outer circuit of the grocery store for fruits, veggies, and other whole foods. Become a collector (and creator) of great recipes. Read labels on packaged items, and see how many of your Daily Values of nutrients you can meet from your diet. You’ll probably find that the recommended 2,000 calorie-a-day diet seems downright sensible and fulfilling when you include healthy foods first in your meals.
  2. Stay active: Just by walking a half an hour each day you’ll burn away calories and stress. It helps to get away from the demands of work and home even for a small – and beneficial – escape.
  3. Get regular exams: Certainly not something to look forward to exactly, but definitely important.
Because our wishes sometimes outpace our abilities, it’s nice to have a supplemental boost to add to – to truly supplement – our healthy habits. Three of them you may want to consider are:

  • EstroBalance®† women’s formula
    This hormone-free formula promotes healthy estrogen metabolism, which may ease the symptoms of PMS and perimenopause, including heavy periods, moodiness, and breast tenderness.

    The ingredient responsible is called “DIM”, short for diindolymethane. This phytonutrient is naturally found in vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. In proper amounts, DIM supports healthy estrogen metabolism, helping “clean out” spent hormones to keep things in balance.

    The DIM included in EstroBalance is from Indolplex® – an absorbable form that is specially formulated for easy bioavailability and use by the body.

  • Protective Breast Formula™† dietary supplement
    Protective Breast Formula also contains DIM from Indolplex® – and then some! The blend of ingredients that support and sustain healthy breast cell growth and development also include:
    • Calcium D-Glucarate – promotes healthy estrogen metabolism and boosts your body’s detoxification systems.
    • Green Tea Extract – helps prevent oxidative damage and helps replenish healthy breast cells.
    • Grape Seed Extract – has been associated with a 50% increased benefit in breast cell health.
    • Maitake D-faction – supports healthy cell development and enhances natural killer (NK) cell activity.
    • Turmeric – supports healthy cell development.
    • Vitamin D – encourages healthy breast cell growth and formation.
  • Cell Forte® with IP-6 & Inositol serious deep immune support
    Cell Forte with IP-6 & Inositol boosts your body’s cellular defenses by increasing the levels of inositol phosphates in the cells – natural substances found in your body that help enhance the immune system.

    In fact, Cell Forte with IP-6 and Inositol has been scientifically proven to increase natural killer cell activity – some of the most important cells in your immune system – by 58%.†**

    **Compared to the control group.
Start small and watch good things happen
Healthy habits over time make a difference. Whether you’re getting your diet back into gear or stepping up a personal exercise program, every little thing you do adds up. Cook your good meals at home, get out for a fresh perspective, and keep those appointments. In the long run, you’ll thank yourself, and those who count on you will give thanks, too.
Published October 12, 2009
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