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Be good to yourself. Connect with friends old or new.

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break.
You feel busy all the time. Your schedule demands it. Be good to yourself and reconnect with some friends. You’ll appreciate their company, and they’ll help build you up.
With all the pressures of a day, a week, a month, dealing with the additional hassle of perimenopause or menopause symptoms can be tough. During stressful times, it’s good to have friends you can connect with.
Have you let your subscription to your community lapse?
At some points in our lives, due to time or distance, relationships change or go on hold. If you need to rebuild your community of friends, it’s okay to start slowly.
Even if you’re naturally more introverted, that’s all right, too. Chances are that somewhere nearby, there are small groups of people that share your interests and concerns. Help a local conservation group clean up a stream in your town. Go to a couple of neighborhood meetings or block parties. These are nice, low-stress ways of developing connections that can enrich your life. (And you’ll enrich others, too.)
And yes, you can always connect to people via email or facebook, but it isn’t the same.
Virtual living is not enough.
It’s easy to fall under the illusion that as long as immediate needs are met, being an island is okay. But the tough times – when human words and a human touch are so necessary – require each of us to leave our shells and engage in this world.
True friends let you be yourself. They know you (and your faults - even though you wish they didn’t). They build you up by listening and just “being there.”
Sure, night sweats, irritability and hot flashes aren’t usually the first topics you’d like to bring up, but don’t feel embarrassed to ask for support. After all, you’ve been there for others, and they’ll be glad to be there for you. That’s what having a network of people you can count on is all about.
Remifemin® menopause and perimenopause relief is there for you too.
Like a true friend, Remifemin helps you be yourself again. It can safely and naturally help you get up to a 70% reduction of menopause symptoms.† Plus, Remifemin has a long history of being trusted and tested for over 50 years.
Go ahead and ask for support – you’ll be relieved that you did. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
We’re here. We’re listening.
Published September 19, 2012
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