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Common threads of this thing called menopause

All of us ladies entering or in full blown menopause have a lot in common. Apart from all the “science”, and what we know on an intellectual level of what is happening to us, there’s the stark reality of living day to day with the changes that menopause brings.
I find the commonality and the “common threads” if you will of what you are thinking and feeling through the emails you send to me.
Here are some of the common threads of what you are saying to me lately:
Fuzzy Thinking! Perhaps you’ve always prided yourself on being someone who is pretty good at being organized. Suddenly, you can’t remember where you put a certain business file or your keys. You might even wonder if you are going crazy. You are OK! Welcome to the shifting hormones of menopause, and how they can lead to fuzzy thinking.
Tip: Become the Queen of writing things down!
Confusion about when you are or are not in menopause! Even though we hear about menopause our whole adult lives, most women do not realize that you are actually in menopause when you have not had a period for one full year. Before that, you are considered to be in perimenopause. Even if your periods are erratic and you get them every six months, you are still not in menopause. That year cessation is the magic benchmark.
Tip: Study the facts about what menopause is and what it isn’t. Knowledge is power.
To Sleep Per Chance To Dream! Most of your life, especially in the height of working and raising kids, you could probably sleep in the middle of a busy room at the drop of a hat if you had the chance. Right? Now, sleep can elude you. Occasional sleeplessness really does come as a shock to most women. Menopause and all the changes it can bring are tiring and trying to women, at a time in life when you really need your sleep.
Tip: Take your Remifemin® Good Night menopause relief! Remifemin Good Night has an added Restful Sleep Blend™ in addition to RemiSure™ Black Cohosh. If ZZZZ’s are what you seek, get Remifemin Good Night.
Bottom line: you are not alone. Many women are experiencing the same things you are. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone else and let them know that you “get it.”
Published September 02, 2010
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