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Dear Abby Readers Set The Hot Flash Record Straight!

There were some very interesting letters to Dear Abby lately that you will enjoy if you are a lady in menopause and feel the men in your life “just don’t get it!”
One lady’s hubby described her as “mean and freaky” because she didn’t want to snuggle when she was having a hot flash. That did not go over well.
One husband was less than sympathetic until he took a prescription drug incorrectly which caused him to have something very similar to a hot flash…and his empathy level changed.
Another lady decided to take matters in her own hands. She invited her husband to a spa for a day of couples pampering. Upon her invitation to the sauna, he was loving it. When he was really feeling the heat, she suggested a snuggle. His reply was less than encouraging as he was quick to let her know he felt too hot and sweaty. That was her cue to point out: that’s what it feels like for her to have a hot flash. Since that time her husband gives her space and even offers a cool glass of water and a cold cloth when she’s having a flash.
Dear Abby also suggested that the couple meet with their doctor together so her significant other can understand what the changes of menopause can be doing to her body and her psyche.
Then there’s the lady who was travelling with her husband when he sprinkled hot peppers in his food. As the heat hit his body and the sweat beaded on his forehead she was able to let him know that this was how she often felt, and at that moment…he got it!
Walking a mile in someone’s shoes really does make a difference. Often in the cold climates you‘ll see people post things on Facebook or blogs about how they wish they could have hot flashes to stay warm. Once again, they just don’t get it. Hot flashes are not warm fuzzy feelings like hot cocoa and bunny slippers.
When it comes to your husbands, and the significant men in your life who may never get it – feel free to share a little advice from the innovative writers to Dear Abby. Hot pepper and saunas may be just what is needed to let your sweetie pies “walk a mile in your shoes!”
Published September 02, 2010
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