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Find the time-tested nutrients you need to help ease the natural transition.

When it comes to menopause, remember that your hormones don’t have to control your love life. Even when you’re not feeling like your sexy self, try these simple tasks to set the mood and rekindle the romance!

You may feel a bit young to worry about “menopause relief”, but you seem to have some of the symptoms. You’re not alone.

You feel busy all the time. Your schedule demands it. Be good to yourself and reconnect with some friends. You’ll appreciate their company, and they’ll help build you up.

All of us ladies entering (or in) full blown menopause have a lot in common. Apart from all the “science”, and what we know on an intellectual level of what is happening to us, there’s the stark reality of living day to day with the changes that menopause brings.

There were some very interesting letters to Dear Abby lately that you will enjoy if you are a lady in menopause and feel the men in your life “just don’t get it!”

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