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Night Sweats and Menopause†

As though hot flashes during the day weren’t bad enough, night sweats are hot flashes that happen when you’re sleeping (or at least, trying to).
You may not notice the heat of the hot flashes while you’re asleep, but the “sweats” part is unmistakable. Most women wake up cold and clammy with their pajamas sticking to their skin, and sometimes it’s bad enough to require a change of pajamas or sheets.
A Recipe for a Poor Night’s Sleep
Not surprisingly, night sweats ruin the sleep of a menopausal woman, and the sleep of her partner, too. And, a poor night’s sleep usually means a tough day ahead. Night sweats can make you tired, irritable, and anxious. When they’re frequent enough, they can make you feel run down and groggy.
Of course, women in menopause understand it quite well. If you can imagine having someone douse you with a glass of water while you’re asleep, you get the picture.

How to manage night sweats
  • Wear loose, thinner cotton or wicking material tee shirts and shorts or “lounge pants” to bed.
  • Keep a pitcher or bottle of water on your nightstand.
  • Place a towel on your pillow to soak up perspiration and keep an extra towel on your bedside table.
  • For extra sleep support, Remifemin® Good Night menopause relief† for relief of menopause symptoms, PLUS sleep improvement.†
  • In fact, clinical studies have shown up to a 70% improvement in symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes after just 12 weeks of using Remifemin with RemiSure™ black cohosh.†
Published June 20, 2011
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