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Over 45? You Need These Two Supplements

When we feel good, there are health concerns that never enter our thoughts. Over time, however, we can’t ignore them. Menopause is definitely like that. So is bone health. No worries, though. Two supplements, Remifemin® menopause and perimenopause relief†, and OsteoPrime®† bone formula†, can help you maintain peace of body and mind.

Remifemin® menopause and perimenopause relief
Nobody wants to think about menopause earlier than they have to. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for relief of menopause or perimenopause symptoms, consider Remifemin.

You may have heard about black cohosh, but weren’t sure if it was right for you. With Remifemin, you don’t have to worry. Remifemin provides the most clinically studied black cohosh, RemiSure™. Five decades of safe and effective use means that it is tried, tested, and safe.

Benefits that work with your body
The benefits from Remifemin occur over time, gently working with your body. Some women do, in fact, see a reduction of hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings in as little as two weeks.  However, the ideal is to give Remifemin at least 6-12 weeks of consistent use for the best results.(not a claim)

For perimenopause symptoms, too
Speaking of health concerns sneaking up, you may feel a bit young to have to think about “menopause relief, but darned if you don’t seem to have some of the symptoms.

That’s really not unusual. Many women in their late 30s and early 40s experience symptoms of hormonal changes, which include those you’d associate with menopause: hot flashes, night sweats and occasional sleeplessness. However, that could simply be perimenopause. The first part of the word, “peri” simply means “around,” so—“around menopause.”

The fact is that some menopause symptoms do show themselves well before menstruation ends. If some of the symptoms of menopause are there, but you’re not, Remifemin can help you take charge.

Estrogen and Progesterone Levels: A Real Roller Coaster

Notice the differences in hormone levels in the graph to the right? You can see the natural “ups and downs” of estrogen – especially during menopause, but take note of the progesterone drop during perimenopause. It’s one of the reasons some women start noticing “menopause symptoms” well before menopause actually begins.

OsteoPrime®† bone formula
Bone health issues can sneak up on you. We don’t always think of our skeletons as being made up of living tissue, but they really are dynamic structures. It’s best to provide your bones with nutritional support early on, but it may not be something that comes to mind right away.

OsteoPrime® bone formula includes ingredients specially formulated to work together and support bone health.† It was developed in cooperation with Alan Gaby, MD, and Jonathan Wright, MD--experts on bone health.

What’s in it?
Naturally, any bone-support supplement will include calcium. But how many actually include 5 kinds of calcium?

The reason for the mix is that each type of calcium absorbs at different rates and in different ways— more forms of calcium ensure more complete availability in the body.† For instance, calcium triphosphate is the most prevalent form of calcium in human bone. Two other forms in OsteoPrime, calcium lactate and calcium citrate, are approximately 32 percent absorbed and 30 percent absorbed, respectively.† But each contributes supportive benefits.†

Of course, nutrients that can help support bone health range beyond calcium alone. Vitamin D3—otherwise known as “cholecalciferol” is the same form that our bodies synthesize following sun exposure. It’s too bad that exposure to sunlight alone can’t bring us the vitamin D we really need. In fact, we keep hearing more reasons to boost vitamin D intake, and they’re all quite impressive.

But the primary reason vitamin D3 is included in OsteoPrime is that it helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus—another ingredient in OsteoPrime—and use them in the bone “matrix.”† And don’t forget; it’s not just bones that need nutrients—teeth require the same kind of tender loving care.

Other ingredients in OsteoPrime include—but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Phosphorus
    Phosphorus, like vitamin D, works with calcium to support healthy bone structure.†
  • Magnesium
    Did you know that more than 50% of the magnesium used by the body is used to support the bones?† Unfortunately, our magnesium intake is woefully short of what we need. In fact, on average, most Americans only get 250 mg of magnesium per day through their diet. That’s considerably less than the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 420 mg for men and 320 mg for women.
  • Vitamin C
    Primarily associated with immune support, vitamin C is an important nutrient for collagen, supporting the structures at the joints, and for bone health in general.†
  • Vitamin K
    Vitamin K influences a protein in bone that attracts calcium.† And, exciting new research on vitamin K suggests it may also support critical cellular health in addition to healthy bones.†
  • A surprising addition? B vitamins
    Bone health is maintained by many processes, but two types of cells—osteoblasts, which help build the bone matrix, and osteoclasts, which help maintain bones by removing older bone tissue—have primary responsibility.  Ideally, nutrients in the body support both.

However, homocysteine, an amino acid by-product found naturally in the body, seems to encourage osteoclast activity, but doesn’t support bone health overall. That’s why B vitamins have been included in a bone support formula. Folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 work together to reduce homocysteine levels. Vitamin B6 shows additional benefits for bone health by supporting vitamin K activity in bone metabolism.

The sooner you start, the better you feel

You don’t have to wait for health concerns to become obvious. Combined with a healthy, creative diet and moderate, enjoyable exercise, supplementation with Remifemin and OsteoPrime can help you make a smooth transition to the next adventures in your life.
Published November 12, 2010
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