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You’re a Woman in your Thirties

How healthy do you feel for your age?
You're probably still feeling pretty invincible, but you might be noticing signs of physical changes. Skin changes, a slowing metabolism and fluctuating hormone levels are likely to top your list of concerns. In your quest for optimal health, your 30's presents its own unique needs and challenges.

In your 30's, you might be thinking about motherhood, or giving birth for the first time. Women deciding to have children need a solid nutritional framework to enhance fertility. But regardless of whether 2 a.m. feedings are part of your future, you can thrive in this decade by making the right health choices...

  • Doctor's Choice™ for Women multivitamin
    This daily multivitamin and mineral formula targets iron loss, replenishes essential nutrients and contains a broad spectrum of antioxidants to help maintain strong bones and support healthy cell development.† If you're planning for pregnancy, this doctor-recommended multivitamin features twice the suggested amount of folic acid - proven to support healthy prenatal development.†** 
  • Calcium
    As you get older, a multi-calcium blend is essential for dynamic bone-building action.† Calcium from Enzymatic Therapy provides the right balance of calcium and phosphorus which is readily used by the body to support strong, healthy bones.†
  • Eskimo-3® naturally stable fish oil®
    There's nothing fishy about these Omega-3 fatty acids! The clinically proven power of Eskimo-3 supports a wide array of health benefits including brain, heart, immune, joint and skin health, and even a healthy mood.† Plus, it supports against the natural signs of aging - that's a fish story worth repeating!†
  • Acidophilus Pearls™ active cultures
    Say good-bye to occasional digestive discomfort!† Acidophilus Pearls provides the active cultures you need to experience relief from occasional gas, constipation and other symptoms of lactose intolerance.† Essentially, these powerful probiotics help you live a more comfortable life!†
As you learn to listen to your body and adjust to the many changes experienced with each decade, you can gracefully dance through the transitions. No matter what your age, when you feel healthy, it shows!

**Women who consume healthful diets with adequate folate throughout their childbearing years may reduce their risk of having a child with a birth defect of the brain or spinal cord. Sources of folate include fruits, vegetables, whole grain products fortified cereals and dietary supplements.
Published October 02, 2009
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