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5 Simple Ways to Reignite that Romantic Spark!

When it comes to menopause, remember that your hormones don’t have to control your love life. Even when you’re not feeling like your sexy self, try these simple tasks to set the mood and rekindle the romance!
1. Shower Each Other…with Compliments
Everyone loves a compliment, and giving them to your partner makes them feel valued and loved. Plus, compliments are contagious – the more you give, the more you’re likely to get. Tell each other what you love and appreciate about the other often.
2. Forget the Calendar
Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary to tell your partner you love them – remind them daily! Be creative in your approach – tape notes to the bathroom mirror, make their favorite dessert or dedicate a song to them on the radio when you know they’ll be listening.
3. Get Your Blood Pumping
Exercise together. Go for a jog, play tennis or even tag-team some strenuous yard work. Anything that gets your heart pumping also gets your endorphins, or “feel good” chemicals, flowing. Endorphins help you feel relaxed and happy…the perfect frame of mind for a spur of the moment rendezvous between the sheets!
4. Pamper Each Other
Give each other a foot rub, or a neck or back massage. It’s true what they say about massages…they often end up turning into more!
6. Make the Extra Effort
Times change, people change…the things that used to get you in the mood may not be the same today. Was a romantic candle-lit dinner too cheesy for you in the past? Maybe now it’s exactly what you need! Make an effort to talk to each other openly about new things you’d like to try, and be accepting and enthusiastic about your partner’s ideas.
Published November 09, 2010
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