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Cranberry at its Best!

You've probably heard a lot about the antioxidant benefits and urinary tract support that cranberries may provide. However, you may not be crazy about drinking glass after glass of cranberry juice cocktail. You may love the flavor, but it's just not very convenient and loaded with sugar.

How about a cranberry supplement that actually provides the antioxidant equivalent of up to 7 glasses of cranberry juice cocktail and 94% less sugar? **

ActiFruit™ cranberry supplement may be exactly what you've been waiting for.

How it's made is the difference:
Unlike cranberry juice or cranberry extract, ActiFruit is made from 100% cranberry fruit solids through a patented process. Thirty-four pounds of fresh cranberries are used to produce one pound of ActiFruit, yielding a ultra-concentrated product with up to 7 times the antioxidant level**, 25% more fiber, and less than 6% of the sugar found in a serving of cranberry juice cocktail.

Up to 7 Times the Protection with Less Calories
One chew has up to 7 times more antioxidants and only 6% of the sugar found in 1 glass of the leading brand of cranberry juice cocktail.

Patented Bio-Shield® extended release system
Patented Bio-Shield® technology actually intensifies the natural benefits of the whole cranberry by slowly releasing the key active compounds over time. So you get all day protection from just one ActiFruit chew or capsule.

Not just for the holidays - support all year long
ActiFruit is an excellent way to support urinary tract health any time of year. Whether you enjoy the delicious ActiFruit chews, or simply pick up the same great support in capsule form, you'll appreciate the benefits of cranberry all year long.

**Independent laboratory test comparison of anthocyanins per mg/serving - 500 mg of ActiFruit and 8 oz serving of a leading brand of cranberry juice cocktail.

Published September 20, 2010
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