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Women’s Health: Urinary

Can I support a healthy urinary tract with supplements?

A simple way to help keep your urinary tract healthy is to use ActiFruit™ cranberry supplement or True Organics™ Cranberry daily.† Not only is cranberry is a potent antioxidant, it helps protect the lining of the bladder, too.†

If you'd like additional support for urinary tract health, look to one of the supportive products listed below.†

= recommended for daily use
= take as extra support or when needed


ActiFruit™ cranberry supplement One soft chew or one capsule a day is more effective and less expensive then juice at keeping the urinary tract healthy.†
True Organics™ Cranberry Certified organic, pure cranberry for urinary tract health.†
Better Bladder™† for Women dietary supplement A source of natural plant compounds which promote bladder strength by promoting healthy hormone balance.†
Aqua-Flow™ dietary supplement Vitamins and traditional herbal ingredients that stimulate the kidneys to eliminate fluid.†
Asparagus Extract Detoxifies the urinary tract and promotes urinary tract function.†

Published February 26, 2010
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