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Science Behind the Supplements

Enzymatic Therapy® has always been - and continues to be - a pioneer of science-based supplement development, and from the beginning, we embraced a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to quality.

"Whether you look at our selection of raw materials, our product development and lab work, or the moment we ship products out to retailers, Enzymatic Therapy's extensive quality control measures give consumers confidence they are getting the product they are paying for. Simply put, it's about trust and results."
              -Bob Doster, Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs

Our Laboratory and Quality Control Department
The Laboratory and Quality Assurance Department (with a professional staff boasting a range of backgrounds including chemistry, biology, food safety, and pharmaceuticals), monitor and test ingredients throughout the manufacturing process.

Before processing any raw material, we hold the material through a "quarantine" period. As part of this inspection process, we use a variety of test methods, including High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AA), and other chromatographic techniques, along with microbiological analysis, to ensure the purity of every ingredient.

Lab analysis ensures the correct plant, the right quality and quantity of chemical constituents. Raw materials are also checked for bacterial contamination, pesticides or other toxins. In short, no raw material is released for production until it has been thoroughly inspected, and approved by the Quality Assurance Department. It's all a part of our Good Manufacturing Practice.

The Types of Extracts We Use
Many of our supplements use extracts as ingredients. We use a variety of extraction processes, including: hot water extraction, alcohol extraction and super critical CO2 extraction. However, we do not accept raw material extracted with solvents that have shown adverse health effects.

Our Commitment to You
We believe in unrelenting laboratory testing and support of patented and well-researched products. We stay on the cutting edge by virtue of our participation in industry methods development. And we publish our research in scientific, peer-reviewed journals.

The results are a family of products whose efficacy is based on scientifically valid secondary research, or our own primary research.

Such efforts clearly outshine what is typical in an industry where little is required but so much is expected. We've done the homework. Use our products with absolute confidence.