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2/25/2015 - New York Attorney General Investigation Letter

On February 23, 2015, Nature’s Way received a letter which constituted “a request for documents and information relating to an ongoing investigation by the New York State Office of the Attorney General (“NYAG”) concerning the authenticity and purity of herbal dietary supplements and associated marketing.” The letter from the NYAG makes no allegations against Nature’s Way and provides no indications of any quality or compliance problem with any Nature’s Way product. The letter is simply a “request” for documents and information.

Nature’s Way products are produced in accordance with the federal Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), 21 CFR 111. Nature’s Way is audited by FDA to confirm compliance and continues to hold Dietary Supplement GMP Certification through NSF International, a GMP Certificate from the Australian Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and is a licensed site for the production of Natural Health Products (NHPs) marketed in Canada. Nature’s Way intends to cooperate with the NYAG request for documents and information, as we are proud of our Quality Assurance processes and the steps that we take to both comply with the law and produce products of the highest quality.


For Immediate Release:

Heart Matters™ by Enzymatic Therapy® Addresses Essential Concerns for Heart Health

Four targeted cardio products included in one suite

BOSTON, MA, SEPTEMBER 23, 2009 — Natural Products Expo East 2009 – Research shows that a healthy heart should be a priority for both men and women. More than 60 million Americans today have cardiovascular issues. That’s why Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. has developed the Heart Matters™ suite of products featuring a complete toolbox to address the key areas of cardio health – artery function, blood pressure management, and good cholesterol (HDL) levels . 

Leading the way isArtery Advantage™, part of the Heart Matters™ line for cardiovascular support. Artery Advantage is a unique formulation of clinically studied ingredients including vitamin K2, fresh garlic and pomegranate that support healthy arteries and blood flow, promote healthy platelet activity and help maintain healthy blood pressure already within normal limits.

These ingredients, not always found in your daily diet— provide critical support for heart health:
  • Vitamin K2 promotes calcium transfer from blood to bones to help maintain healthy arteries.
  • Fresh garlic contains allicin to help naturally maintain healthy cholesterol already levels within normal limits.
  • Pomegranate improves factors for a healthier heart and arteries, including enhancing circulation.
Artery Advantage works synergistically with the other Heart Matters™ supplements, including BP Manager™†, Cholesterol Shield™† phytosterol blend, and HDL Booster®†

BP Manager™—one out of three Americans is concerned about blood pressure.  BP Manager is a proprietary herbal blend featuring five powerful, clinically-studied ingredients that are known to support heart and circulatory health:
  • Stevia leaf extract supports healthy blood pressure levels already within normal limits.  
  • Hawthorn extract balances sodium and fluid levels.
  • Olive leaf extract supports blood pressure health already within normal limits.
  • Dandelion leaf helps reduce fluid retention.
  • Lycopene supports arteries, circulation and heart health.

Recent studies have shown positive results with BP Manager taken daily over an 8-week period. †*

Cholesterol Shield™† Plant sterols are proven to help reduce cholesterol. ††

†† Scientific evidence has proven that including plant sterols in your diet helps to lower blood total and LDL cholesterol levels. Following a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and consuming 400mg or more of plant sterols twice a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cholesterol Shield is a triple-action formula containing plant sterols that limit the absorption of cholesterol from food and restrict re-absorption of cholesterol from bile. This unique combination of clinically studied ingredients, pantethine and phytosterols, works together to support heart health and healthy cholesterol production. Cholesterol Shield:
  • Limits absorption of cholesterol from food.
  • Limits re-absorption of cholesterol from bile.
HDL Booster®— HDL, “good cholesterol,” helps maintain healthy blood vessels. Even a 1% increase in HDL can make a significant difference.   HDL Booster dramatically increases HDL levels, up to 23%. It also provides powerful antioxidant protection and helps restore the CoQ10 depleted by cholesterol medications.

HDL Booster was developed by Dennis Goodman, M.D., NYU Associate Clinical Professor and integrative cardiologist, to help his patients increase their HDL cholesterol levels naturally.† 

“Eating a low-fat, low sugar diet and finding ways to exercise and manage stress are essential to a heart healthy lifestyle,” says Dr, Goodman.  “Natural therapies and quality supplements are best whenever possible – like Enzymatic Therapy’s Heart Matters suite of supplements. Pharmaceuticals may become necessary, but they often create side effects.”

“Be empowered to ask your doctor for the full range of options to prevent health problems before they arise,” advises Dr. Dennis Goodman, who recommends annual screenings for cardiovascular health. 

Heart Matters™ is available at leading health food retailers nationwide.