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Statement of Corporate Social Responsibility

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. embodies a commitment to diversity and inclusion in its workforce, its relations to customers, and its overall approach to business. In an increasingly globalized economy, meeting the needs of diverse customers in widespread markets requires a respect for and an embrace of difference in all its dimensions. The dimensions of diversity are far too numerous to recount completely, but include dimensions of age, gender, race, ethnicity, language, religion, physical ability, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, life experiences, training and credentials, skill sets, and intellectual perspectives, among other aspects. 
While Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. and all its related stakeholders greatly value diversity and inclusion we are unwavering in requiring that all members of our company and our value chain embrace and practice our other core values of integrity, reliability, accountability, and achieving results, and our commitment to health in all of its dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and communal. The company is equally committed to stewardship and sustainability in the service of positive financial, social, and environmental outcomes. This is what we mean by “What Better Feels Like!”