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08106 - Super Milk Thistle®
This supplement contains no ingredients derived from animal sources.For anyone with concerns about gluten, rest assured that this supplement is free of the protein.As a pioneer in science-based supplements, we have a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to quality from the moment ingredients arrive, to the day finished supplements ship from our drug GMP audited facility.
08056 - Simply Milk Thistle ™
Supports liver function, enhances detoxification†
08450 - Whole Body Cleanse™
Complete cleansing system with probiotics!

Super Milk Thistle®

Promotes healthy liver function and detoxification*

It combines the best ingredients for daily liver detoxification*

  • Artichoke & dandelion - supports healthy bile production*
  • Milk thistle - supports liver health*
  • Licorice

Combines well with other products
Ideally used with Fiber Fusion Daily cleansing fiber or Fiber Delights® to help bind and remove toxins*

Why use this product?
Because you need to support liver health.* Most of the time, you may not be thinking about liver health, but it covers some of the most important duties in the body, including metabolizing carbohydrates, storing and synthesizing vitamins, regulating hormones, and creating bile to break down fats and help shuttle toxins out of the digestive system.