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CoQ10 Basics

  • It's a natural fat-soluble nutrient present in virtually all living cells in the body.
  • An essential component of the mitochondria -- the part of the cell where energy is produced.
  • Very important in areas of the body that demand high cellular energy, such as the brain, heart and immune system.

Are you getting enough CoQ10?

Although your body produces CoQ10 and it exists in some of the foods you eat, these levels may not be meeting your optimal bodily requirements. Factors contributing to CoQ10 deficiencies include an unbalanced diet, aging, increased tissue demands, and even certain prescription drugs. People of all ages may also be genetically predisposed to having slower production of CoQ10.

Every cell in the body that produces energy MUST have CoQ10 in order to function. Since CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant, it helps prevent free radicals from damaging healthy cells.

Cardiologists and neurologists recommend Vitaline CoQ10 because of its PROVEN ability to not only increase levels of CoQ10 in the blood, but also to cross the cell membrane and be absorbed into the mitochondria where it is required to produce energy.

Our CoQ10 offers flexibility to suit your needs.

CoQ10 and Your Brain

CoQ10 is vital to the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an organic chemical compound that acts as a "living battery," storing energy that can be used by the body. Maintaining CoQ10 levels is particularly important in very active cells, such as brain cells.

The brain has a built-in system to protect fragile brain cells. This shield, called the blood brain barrier, only allows certain molecules such as glucose and oxygen to pass from the bloodstream into the brain. The barrier keeps out substances, which could damage the brain cells, such as proteins and toxins. In order for supplemental CoQ10 to exert its beneficial effects in the brain, it must pass the blood brain barrier to reach the brain cells.

Vitaline CoQ10's proprietary delivery system has been the subject of published research that shows it not only causes an increase in the blood levels of CoQ10, but also raises CoQ10 levels in the brain mitochondria.1 Vitaline CoQ10 is ideal for people who want to enhance neurological support and is the only choice for neurological and movement support.

1 Matthews RT, Yang L, Brown S, Baik MF. Coenzyme Q10 administration increases brain mitochondrial concentration and exerts neuroprotective effects. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 1998;95:8892-8897. 

CoQ10 and Your Heart

Some of the first research on supplemental CoQ10 focused on its heart supportive benefits. Like brain cells, heart cells are very active, using large amounts of cellular energy. Heart cells have thousands of mitochondria and high-energy demands, which require more CoQ10 than other parts of the body.

While the body is capable of producing its own CoQ10, there are circumstances where the supply may not be able to meet the cellular demand. Certain prescription drugs are now known to cause a decrease in the body's production of CoQ10. That's why CoQ10 supplementation is so important to heart health and energy levels. Vitaline CoQ10 supports healthy cardiovascular function and exercise endurance. It's also proven to restore CoQ10 depleted by most cholesterol prescription medications.1,2

Vitaline CoQ10 has been involved in the study of CoQ10's effects on cardiovascular health for almost 20 years. And it's the form most preferred by clinical researchers. Simply put, Vitaline CoQ10 is a product you can trust for heart health.

1 The effect of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on mitochondrial function while on statin therapy. Tripler Army Medical Center
2 Statin induced mitochondrial cytopathy. Henry Ford Hospital.