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Vitaline Coenzyme CoQ10

Support a Healthy Heart and Brain! 

Eskimo-3® natural stable fish oil provides the omega-3 benefits of eating fresh fish, without potential exposure to mercury and other heavy metals. Its ingredients include natural antioxidants to prevent rancidity and there’s NO fishy aftertaste!

These ultra pure Omega-3 oils support:

• Healthy cholesterol levels*
• Superior heart, brain and joint health
*already within normal limits

Your doctor has recommended you visit our site because when results matter as much as they do for you, your doctor wants to make sure you're benefiting from a proven safe and effective coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) product. Often, people choose readily available products that promise to improve health, but offer no proof or benefits. And in some cases, may even cause you harm. That's why your doctor recommended you visit our site - to keep you safe. And to show you that there's a product that is so effective, you'll feel the difference. 

Do you have an HSA or FSA?

Many Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allow individuals to pay for needed Natural Supplements with pre-tax dollars. Using these accounts can save people 20 to 30% of the final costs of these goods. However, in order to qualify for reimbursement, most plans require a signed form by your prescribing healthcare provider outlining your diagnosis and stating that the supplement recommended may be useful in improving your health. Click here for a form that you can take to your doctor!

A DAILY dosage of Vitaline CoQ10 

Taking CoQ10 on a daily basis is the only way to receive its full benefit.

Vitaline CoQ10 is available in multiple doses and forms, ensuring convenience and compliance to support many health benefits.

Recommended Daily Dosages:

Health Application/Benefit Daily Dosage Level
Neurological Support 1200mg - 2400mg
Cranial Vascular Support 100mg
Cardiovascular Support 100-250mg
Musculoskeletal Health 100mg
Periodontal Health 200mg
Cellular Health 100-200mg
Blood Sugar Metabolism/Management 50mg
Healthy Blood Vessel Flow 300mg
Reproductive Health 200mg

1 Ferrante KL, Shefner J, Zhang H, et al. Tolerance of high-dose (3,000 mg/day) coenzyme Q10 in ALS. Neurology . 2005 Dec 13;65(11):1834-1836