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02190 - Liquid Eskimo-3®
For anyone with concerns about gluten, rest assured that this supplement is free of the protein.As a pioneer in science-based supplements, we have a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to quality from the moment ingredients arrive, to the day finished supplements ship from our drug GMP audited facility.

Liquid Eskimo-3®

natural stable fish oil†
Mild Citrus Flavor
A great source of ultra-pure omega-3 to support cardiovascular health*
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Why take fish oil?

It provides benefits you can rely on with peace of mind.

With a quality fish oil supplement, you can get all the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fresh fish, without potential exposure to mercury and other heavy metals.

Omega-3s are important - but often missing - in the American diet.

The omega-3s in fish oil support heart, brain and joint health, plus support healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range.*

Why take Liquid Eskimo-3®?

Liquid Eskimo-3® is safe, effective, and proven.

Up to 10 times more stable than 4 leading U.S. fish oil products.** It has been the subject of 20 scientific reports, demonstrating benefits in the cardiovascular and immune systems.*

Liquid Eskimo-3® is eco-friendly.

Eskimo-3 fish oil is obtained only from non-endangered species of fish. These Omega-3 fish are harvested from the cold waters of the north Pacific in areas not subjected to over-fishing.

Eskimo-3 - unlike many other fish oil products - has the natural ratio of EPA and DHA.

Other products have artificially concentrated amounts of EPA and DHA, which makes them unstable and can cause them to go rancid.

* Levels already within normal range
** Independent third party laboratory analysis. Jan 2004.

Also available in Double-Strength Eskimo-3 1000 mg.